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Magalawa Island – A day off in the sand

I will always love to spend my vacation on a beach, so I was so thrilled when my friends planned some days off to run barefoot in the sands of Magalawa. This Island is not really our first plan but we needed to re-create this whole new getaway because of a weather problem in the first one we chose. But even with this last minute change, everything went perfect. It’s a place and the vacation really fit to what  I’m looking for, relaxing and beautiful!



About the Island

Magalawa is one of the beautiful Islands in Zambales, Philippines.  I heard more often about Anawangin, Nagsasa and Crystal Beach, but I am happy to first visit this place. I just like how it was so quiet and relaxing.

There are two resorts in the Island: Armada and Ruiz. We stayed in Ruiz as it fits our budget then we availed a day-tour on the other area. Armada has a more appealing cottages, it has a sand bar and we’re able to watch the sunset in their side. While Ruiz offers a neat place in a better price.

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How we get there

Our original plan is to go to Calaguas Island, but on the day of our departure, our bangkero (boatman) called that there’s already an advisory to stop any tour because of the weather near that area. But thanks to the adventurers on our group, we didn’t have to unpack our bags and cancel our van. They already set the Plan B, to go North! We still go on a trip and we’re still setting our feet in the sands!

Since our group are mixed of my friends, their friends and friend of their friends, its more convenient for us to rent a service. But if you’re alone or travelling in a small group, it’s more budget friendly to take the bus going to Palauig, Zambales. It’s also important to find a contact from Ruiz or Armada, you have to take a boat going to the Island.



The next day, is a bit cloudy and the waves are heavier. We are so blessed that we’re able to enjoy the sun on the first day. We still played and had lots of fun before we leave the Island.

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