Kids at the Park

One morning, I saw bunch of kids skating in the park. They were so good and fast and they were so fun to watch. They looked so young and yet looked so strong. An idea goes in my head, that one day, when I’ll be blessed with children, I’ll also let them play outside, like them. Like them, I’ll let them skate as fast as they could, even though I know I will be very scared. I’ll let them feel the wind in their faces, and let them feel the heat of the sun in their skin.

But as i walked closer to these kids, I saw a different thing. There was a man, shouting at them, telling them what to do, instructing them where must they go, scolding them hard. It was not as I thought it was. It was not a happy play group but a serious training. They were on a skating lesson, or something like that, on that Saturday morning, and it was an intense training. The man’s voice went higher and louder until one kid cried. But the man does not stop and even get more serious on his talk. I can hear through his tone that they need to get the thing done right at that very moment. There’s a vibe, a feeling of like the stress and panick when you wanted to finish a report before the deadline, or the fastest heartbeat you have when you saw the finishline in a marathon and your hearing the people saying “faster”. Yes, it is true that after the marathon, after getting the trophy, after submitting the report and hearing a “good job”, yes it is one of the best feeling. But these young people, these babies, I don’t think they need that in this moment of their lives. I think what they need more for now is the sound of laughter with their playmates and the warm hugs from their parents. They need to see small things and be curious about it. they need to try and learn little by little, not to be shouted at and work hard. Then I thought, i dont want my future kids to be this, in their very young age. I will just let them play outside, or read a book inside.. let them be curious about little things and just let them to find what they want. My husband and I is always dreaming that one day when we have kids, we will not push them to be the best on the sports they chose or be the best in the class, but we will always support them to do what ever it is they want and let them enjoy it. And I know, the time will come that when they achieved their goal, or when they grew up, they will look back and remember not only their hardwork but more of the happiness on the process.

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