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Camp Netanya Experience

Location: Camp Netanya – Brgy Ligaya, Mabini Rd, Mabini Batangas, on the coast of Anilao. For inquiry, you can contact +63 939 7535 074 or email, they are very responsive.

We celebrated our anniversary at Camp Netanya and this was definitely the perfect place for the occasion. At first, I was hesitant to book here as I’ve read some negative reviews, but I really love the theme of this place and I saw from their fb account that they did some renovation on the last quarter of 2017.

This resort hotel by the sea has this dreamy vibes and it’s really a serene place. It feels so romantic for us staying here.

The huge main entrance and main lobby looks magnificent and every corner of the hotel is picture perfect. We are welcomed by delightful staffs dressed like a Greek goddess, and a graceful belly dance by lovely gypsy. Their service is really great.


The instrumental piano music playing in the background is so relaxing and we love all the songs. It’s amazing that our wedding theme song was played, we are the only people on the 2nd floor lobby that time, and we danced like a we’re in a high school prom. But I felt scared that other people might see us so I cut it quickly and now I wish I did not. But it was really a magical moment.

The Resort offers ocean activities like kayaking, snorkeling, diving and island hopping, but we chose to just stay, use the pool and walk around the place. Our favorite activity always is picture taking and to sit and watch a beautiful scenery while talking and laughing about anything.

There’s only one open restaurant inside. It’s fancy but a little expensive and the food we ordered are not so impressive. We tried their Lomi, the specialty of Batangas, but it was too salty. The complimentary juice and fruits are good.

There’s another café inside the Camp Netanya, I think it is yet to open.

The whole stay was wonderful, the place is absolutely beautiful. This was a special place with my special someone in a very special day.














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